Aditi Desai

“A Reader”

The project brief, as part of my publication design class, was to design a promotional poster / mailer for a lecture series hosted by Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles (A+D), and curated by The Basel School of Design. The goal was to represent the general mission/scope of the lecture series in a style that represents both the aesthetics of the school and the museum. Since most of the speakers are from Switzerland or speaking on behalf of the Basel School of Design the poster had to be designed in the traditional Swiss Style of the 1940s and 1950s. Additionally this promotional poster had to be able to be folded down to a 6” x 9” mailer with more detailed information about each speaker.

The lecture series itself is about “what lies beneath the finished product… By highlighting the passion and hobbies of graphic and type designers and people from fields not directly related to design,… ‘A Reader’ wants to reveal the process which leads to design, or even what leads to the process itself.” A concept which I felt could embody these ambitions visually was “Clockwork”- to show the inner workings of the artist’s processes and “what makes them tick.”

This concept, along with the requirement of using the Swiss International Style dictated the design of this piece. My aim was to create a final product that had a big visual impact while remaining simple and following a strict & purposeful grid system.